Handing Over the Reigns

Handing Over the Reigns: A Concise Guide to Succession Planning

Handing Over the Reigns is a must read for anyone who is contemplating passing their business on to the next generation. This book is based on Richard’s experience in a 4th generation 100 year old family business and from the work he has done with many other privately held companies in the UK and USA.

Key takeaways for the reader are:

  • How to get clear on what a successful Succession Plan looks like for your company
  • Why having a Pre-Plan maximizes your chances of a smooth leadership transition
  • How to develop a credible “short list” of qualified successors
  • The importance of creating a meaningful role for the former owner/leader
  • How to cultivate a team of “A Players” as your Advisory Council

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Being Frank: Real Life Lessons to Grow Your Business and Yourself

Frank was ex-special forces with a fine arts degree – an unusual mix! With his help, Richard Bryan turned around his family business that was losing more than $3 million a year. In this book, Richard shares lessons he learned from his mentor Frank about how to develop a more successful business and a balanced life.
Learn how to:

  • Focus on your top priorities rather than responding to other people’s crises
  • Lead more strategically by becoming a better coach and mentor
  • Increase your profits, spend less time at work and take more vacation
  • Put the fun back in the business and feel your energy double”

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It’s A Zoo Around Here: The New Rules For Better Communication

With some many different people we have to communicate with ,how do we make sure we are speaking in a style that suits the other person.
Richard and Nigel have come up with a very simple yet effective way of dealing with all the animals in your life
The short tempered Lions
The fun,passionate monkey
The very detailed elephants
And the caring dolphins
In this book he wants you to become an effective zoo-keeper

$19.99 Paperback

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